Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Brief in Brief

A few things I wanted to mention...

There was some good news for folks in eastern North Carolina recently as they fight the Navy's OLF.

I'm thrilled to see former UNC basketball player Pearce Landry has done himself proud.

Here's something I'm throwing in gratuitously to antagonize my Wuffie pals. What's up with Whittenburg?

More political shenanigans?

Well done, Senator Burr. A nice farewell as your hello.

Did you see this video? Where's your gun when you need it?

Mitt Romney will be in Spartanburg, SC on Monday for President's Day. He's playing his cards right so far, pun intended.

This from my interest in elder law issues. I've followed the Schiavo case, and this is an interesting turn.

The NC Democrats seemed to have erred here, but they didn't ask me. It seems to me you listen to your popular governor whow as just re-elected.

I might stop in again, but most likely the next post will be on Wednesday or Thursday. Until then, adieu. Enjoy the 500 tomorrow.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

My silence

As I finish my preparations for the February administration of the North Carolina bar exam (February 22-23), I will not be posting as often. I will be posting as time presents itself, but I do not plan anything substantial until the end of the month. While I am gone, feel free to stop by to see if I make a random appearance or you may visit two of my favorite sites, TarheelPundit and BobLeeSwagger.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Bush Better Be Listening II

On Monday, January 31, I wrote that President Bush needs to listen to the members of his party who are opposed to his immigration policy. Today, I reassert that warning.

The most vocal critic of President Bush’s immigration stance within the GOP has been Rep. Tancredo (R-Colorado). He recently spent some time in New Hampshire, a ritual for those who are considering running for the 2008 GOP nomination for President. It is highly unlikely that Tancredo would be able to have much success in the primaries, but his willingness to appear in New Hampshire shows that he is willing to make a run if it will force immigration to be a major topic of discussion. This could be a major blow to the GOP (and Rove’s) efforts to make inroads into the Hispanic voting bloc.

President Bush needs to pay attention to Tancredo because the Congressman has some 70 other House members behind him in opposition to the Bush immigration plan for guest-workers. Tancredo’s presence and willingness to run in 2008 makes it imperative that Bush reach a compromise with other Republicans on immigration policy in the best interests of the country and, in all honesty, in the best interests of his party’s 2008 hopes.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Dreams for Tomorrow

When I wrote about President Bush’s Second Inaugural Address, I pointed out two things, one bad and one good, about his speech. Today, you will not read of a complaint about his 2005 State of the Union message.

It is hard to believe the same people wrote this speech who wrote the Inaugural. Where the Inaugural was flowery and philosophical, this was blunt and common-sensical. Where the Inaugural was heavy with religion, this was heavy on personal commitment (God only being mentioned when he said “God bless America” to close). This speech let Bush be Bush.

My words of advice to the President were to dream, dream big, and lead. With his State of the Union, he did just that. He was inspiring when he steadfastly spoke of commitments made needing to be commitments kept. He forewarned regimes that impede the cause of freedom that the United States will not be deterred from pushing for liberty and freedom for all people. He delivered much the same message as he did on the steps of the Capitol on January 20, but this time he did it with more passion and confidence because Bush was being Bush.

The President will not shy away from a fight if he must fight to achieve what is right. He has shown this by fighting in Washington for the No Child Left Behind Act and tax cuts and reform. He has shown this overseas by taking the fight to the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. He makes his stance crystal clear on major issues, and last night was no different. President Bush told Congress and the world that he will fight for Social Security reform and the end of tyranny – two very big fights.

Thank you Mr. President for being willing to dream big dreams and lead us towards those fantastic tomorrows. Now, take those dreams, clear message , and “Bush speak” on the road, directly to the people. As President Reagan proved, if you talk directly to the people then they will understand you. America’s future does indeed lie in the balance during this term, so lead us to the fulfillment of big dreams. Last night was a wonderful start.

Few things I failed to mention

The Kenny Chesney tsunami benefit show at Ziggy's on Saturday was amazing. Apparently, it was his longest concert ever, an approximate 4 hours and 10 minutes. Best $10 I've ever spent, and it's even better because it was for a good cause.

JJ Redick is an incredible basketball player. He almost single-handedly carried Duke over the Demon Deacons tonight.

How emotional was the sight of the Iraqi voter thanking the mother of the dead American soldier at the State of the Union tonight? That spoke volumes.

Southport Boatworks is about ready to get their 28 footer out in the water. I've ridden on the 26, which is the smoothest ride on the water. If you go to the Raleigh Convention and Conference Center Boat Show (February 3-6), take a look at the Southports.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Quick thoughts on speech

A+ speech. Light years difference between it and the Inaugural. Particularly good were his forcefulness on Social Security, the tears in his eyes when he pointed out the Iraqi voter, the wink he gave to Justice Breyer, and the simple fact that Bush was Bush. In depth column will be forthcoming.