Monday, March 21, 2005

Mr. Allen Goes to Raleigh

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Senator Allen (R-VA) would be speaking in Raleigh, NC on March 11. I have not been around to provide my thoughts on his remarks, so here is my delayed reaction.

Senator Allen gave a good speech to the John Locke attendees. It certainly sounded like a stump speech for a Presidential primary. He touted his conservative credentials from his time as Governor of Virginia and his time as that state's junior senator. I was impressed with his handle on the issues as I listened to the remarks, and I was pleased to hear him use impressive vocabulary rather than "dumbing down" for the masses.

However, if Senator Allen is to become the GOP nominee in 2008, he needs to improve his ability to succinctly answer questions. I imagine he understands this to be his weakness. I believe that is exactly the reason why he took questions. Like Vinatieri practices kicking everyday so he can kick the winner in the Super Bowl come season's end, Allen needs to practice Q&A sessions so he can handle debates and town halls come primary season.

In time, he will be fine. He knows where he stands on the issues. He knows what he wants to say. He just needs to get a grasp of the best way to deliver that message succinctly when asked a direct question. I will be looking forward to hearing him speak again in the coming years. He's a more serious contender than I had thought.


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