Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Antiquity on the Screen

Ever since the success of Gladiator in theaters, Hollywood has had a growing fascination with Rome, Greece, and things historic. Last night, I finally bit the bullet and watched Troy. That movie was a joke. The writing was bad, the historical accuracy was bad, and the acting was bad. Amazing. We kept laughing through the whole thing. It was a rip off of Gladiator in terms of cinematography and direction - from the cheesy ethereal music to the talk of the wheat fields at death. If that is the best effort Hollywood has, then they are better suited not trying.

On the other hand, I have been watching ABC's drama Empire. While it too plays fast and loose with facts, it isn't as bad to see that with a made-for-TV effort as with a Hollywood blockbuster. The characters are more developed, and the actors seem more comfortable with their roles. If Troy showed how poorly antiquity could be shown on the big screen, Empire shows how well it can be done on the small screen.


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